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Project Description
Solarized MOSS Content Migrator makes it easier to bulk migrate files to Sharepoint. It allows files that break the MOSS 2007 naming conventions to be highlighted and bulk find and replace on filenames. It also allows users to change version numbers of documents.

This project is a simple application that allows users to bulk check files for uploading to Sharepoint against the special character rules set out by Microsoft.

It comes in two flavours, this one is the lite version that allows installation on any computer and simply allows you to bulk check filenames against a rule base and the pro version which installs on the Sharpeoint server and allows for direct upload in to Sharepoint Document Libraries and the setting of Version Numbers on documents. The pro version will be available as version 2.

I have developed this project to fit a specific requirement, but as I have used codeplex a lot recently, I thought I'd give something back! Thanks for all your help over the years.

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